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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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i'm monica crowley in for bill oech'reily and please remember,e spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." tonight, for the entire hour, we'll focus on eric holder's department of injustice and many failure as taking the role as top law enforcement officer. here is what he said he would do, if, in fact, he was confirmed, four years ago. >> i will work to restore the credibility of the department badly shaken by improper political interference. personal actions must be untainted by partisanship. >> well, he seems to have failed miserable until that goal. with scandal after scandal marring his tenure as attorney
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general. he was actually held in contempt of congress. probably no person has held eric holder's feet to the fire like the chair of the house oversight committee, darryl issa, and he has been getting under the embattled attorney general's skin. take a look at this. >> will you make them available to the committee based on bipartisan request? >> i will certainly look at the request. not something i have personally been involved in. i will look at the request and be as responsive as we can. there must be a good reason only the two and from parts were -- >> yes. you didn't want to us see the details. mr. attorney general, in knowing the to and from -- >> i'm not going to stop talking now. to characterize something -- >> mr. chairman, would you inform the witness as to the rules of this committee? >> it's too consistent in the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of congress. it's unacceptable and shameful. >> the gentleman has the time and the gentleman may ask the
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questions that he deems appropriate. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> joining me now with reaction are congressman darryl issa and jas jason chaffets. it would be something to smile about if it wasn't so serious. when you look at his tenure, how do you describe it? >> it's been a failure. sadly, the clip you played about his senate confirmation says a great deal. he said before committee, he wears two hats. one political and the other chief law enforcement which makes it unacceptable. and sadly as you can see in the exchange, very good at using a lot of words to say nothing, when, in fact, the question is pretty straight forward, will you respond to a subpoena by delivering the documents that my ranking member, elijah cummings and i, both insisted on. even when it's bipartisan, we can't seem to get through to
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him, there is a role for congress and obligation and we're trying to full till it. >> one question. two instances now where the attorney general did not tell the truth while -- while going before congress. one on fast and furious, the other knowledge about james rosen. did he lie under oath in your view? >> well, he was under oath. what he said was not correct, in the case of the latter, he's now "corrected the record." that's not acceptable to me. certainly he knew and said things that he shouldn't have said. but it's part of a pattern. the pattern includes sending representatives to tell us in the case of fast and furious "they never let guns walk." when people under his control knew they absolutely did. >> you are saying the lies are broader. congressman chaffetz, good to see you again. if i went before congress as an
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average citizen and i lied, what would happen to me? >> you better go to jail. but in this administration, they don't hold people to the same degree of accountabili akt. in fast and furious, under department of justice letterhead, they totally lied to congress. that is unprecedented and to not have it followed through, i'm proud of darrell issa, speaker boehner, others, the fact that we held the attorney general in contempt of congress. fast and furious has not gone away, if not for darrell issa and others, we would believe, nothing, no problems here. come on, we have the death of an agent. >> let me ask you about that. when he was asked specifically when he learned about fast and furious, he said, oh, only within the last few weeks, and then didn't you discover documents that contradicted that
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term, that statement that he had known about it as early as ten months prior? is that true? >> yeah. he absolutely known about it earlier. he claims to know nothing about it, never told the president about it. but then had to walk all that back, because he actually did know about it, and what is also scary, if you willingly and knowingly as a federal government give the drug cartels nearly 2,000 weapons, mostly ak-47s, and your attorney general says i knew nothing about it. that's the pattern. claim ignore answer, they don't know anything about it, but these are major operations happening. you can't have it both ways and he certainly misled congress. >> congressman isisa, if anybod watching lied to congress, there would be severe consequences. you held him in contempt, but why aren't there more severe consequences. >> when you want to send for
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criminal referral, you send it to him. he allowed a political appointee to not act on contempt. and when the house of representatives went civilly in, the position of this administration is that the third branch of government, the federal courts, do not have the ability to decide who is right and wrong on with holding documents. and that's where the case is right now. we're trying to get it decided and get it back to us. because ultimately, if the courts cannot make him do it and the house cannot make him do it, much of what we think as our democracy has been lost. >> do we need outside council. some scandals of late, which ones would you think we need some? >> specifically, i think in the associated press and the james rosen case, a degree of objectivity that needs to get into the bowels of what's really going on in the administration and the department of justice.
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very difficult to peel those back. but that's probably right at the top of my list in terms of the need for some outside counsel. >> congressman issa. >> i'm much more of a believe they're congress should do his job. an active chairman, on top of the situation. will congress, will republicans leading the house of representatives, will we do our job and candidly, will the senate begin doing it's job? i would prefer to see that. if we can't do it, continue being stymied, then i'm sure the speaker and others would make a decision to bring in reenforcements, the big question the american people are asking is will we hold this administration accountable? will we put honesty and accountability ahead of the convenient agenda of the president? today, and every day, it seems he has a series of fund-raisers
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when, in fact, he seems too busy to work with us on legislation or transparency. >> yeah, all right, gentlemen. thank you so much. we'll continue to follow it. appreciate both of you being here. >> thank you. up next, scandal with an actual body count. we'll examine eric holder's role in the botched operation known as fast and furious. that next, on this special edition of "hannity." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ of all t the placess i wawanted to vivisit. i'm m still not t going to make e it to marsrs,
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welcome back to "hannity." one scandal rocked the department of justice with deadly consequences. that is fast and furious. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, decided to let people sell guns to straw buyers. they wanted to take down the guns and take down the cartels. the atf lost track of guns until they turned up at crime scenes, where hundreds were killed, including some members of american law enforcement. our own william la giness has been following this from the beginning. >> we weren't giving guns to people who were hunting bears, but to people who were killing other people. >> that is insane. you wouldn't think that. atf does not do that. if i had, in fact, known that was occurring, i would have
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called atf headquarters. >> reporter: most agents didn't know about fast and furious. those who did, followed ordered. >> it was relaid to me, they didn't have to explain anything to me. i was to do as i was told. >> agent don johnson blew the whistle after the murder of brian terry. it ended the program, but not the carnage in mexico. >> a straw buyer would be arrested in the parking lot or down the street. these stores were recruited by the atf and u.s. attorney's office, multiple sales approved, no arrests, and no surveillance outside the store. >> when did you first know about the program officially i believe called fast and furious? to the best of your knowledge, what date? >> not sure the exact date. but i probably heard about fast and furious for the first time over the past few weeks. >> the timeline called into question, and the house of representatives actually voted to hold him in contempt of
6:14 pm
consequence for his stonewalling. this is his response. >> today's vote is the regrettable culmination of what became a misguided and politically motivated investigation during an election year. by advancing it over the past year and a half, congressman issa and others have focused on politics over public safety. instead of trying to correct the problems, it led to flawed law enforcement operations and instead of helping us find ways to better protect the brave law enforcement agents, like agent brian terry to keep us safe, this he have led us to this unnecessary and unwarranted outcome. >> and joining me now, author, attorney david limbaugh and author of a book called "fast and furious." katie, the idea here, almost mind numbing. our government giving guns to
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murderers, cartels, kidnappers, and murderers. >> um-hum. exactly. the atf argument and doj's argument for this program was that they were going to track and trace 2,500 weapons into mexico, right? out of 2,500 of those guns, high-powered ak-47s, they put two gps devices on 2,500. you do the math, but it doesn't sound like a serious tracking program no me. the way the department responded to operation fast and furious coming to the surface is what we see all the time in the obama administration playbook. blame rogue agents at the local level, but eventually find out it's senior level officials in washington, d.c. ordering and signing off on wiretaps for this. once they get caught, deny. eric holder you just saw. his timeline is off when he knew. memos addressed directly to eric
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holder talking about fast and furious, yet he claims he knew nothing. we have no answer for the terry family and the atf nomination director. people were held accountable because they retired. that's the standard of the accountabili accountability, people retiring out of disciplinary action. >> before he was held in contempt, he said he just learned about it in the last few weeks, then documents were uncovered that showed he knew as early as ten months earlier. legally, is that called lying to congress? >> well, yeah. and he obviously lied, or he literally is just as absent from his job as obama is apparently from his. he was told in memos, e-mails, what was going on. disclaimed any knowledge. sean, can i give you parallels
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between what went on with fast and furious and now going on with the irs? >> yeah. go ahead. >> i was thinking about this today. holder in that case lied about lying. he lied in that case and he denied lying. same thing happens here. he stonewalled in the case, obama stonewalled and the administration stonewalled. blamed it on rogue employees, cincinnati here and rogue atf employees there. blamed the gop for a witch hunt. blamed bush, operation wide receiver in fast and furious. blamed a bush appointee in the irs scandal. doj claimed ignorance, the white house claimed no knowledge, even though we have e-mails, proof of conversations with an employee high up in the white house, the obama administration claimed -- obama himself claims shock and outrage and pledges he will hold those responsible accountable and yet he has doning in to hold anybody responsible in either case and blindly approved what
6:18 pm
holder did, said i trust him at his word, even though we have holder on record as lying in this case. and then whistleblowers in both cases are being punished and those who have done wrong have been rewarded. we don't know for sure in the irs, but we see some elevation in some of these cases so this is a pattern in this administration, i think people out to recognize it. >> katie, what about the pattern? because david lays out pretty strong case there. they seem to get away with it every time. >> exactly. and i think this is an indictment of big government. when you have a government as big as we do now, extremely difficult to hold people accountable and people have asked, why has president obama asked attorney general eric holder to resign after all of the scandals. fast and furious is just one. the black panter party case, targeting of james rosen, operation fast and furious, which has a body count i might add. but holder a very good foot
6:19 pm
soldier politically for the president and he won't go anywhere any time soon. >> second case in the james rose know case, where he said he didn't know anything about it, when, in fact, he signed the affidavit. >> and wiretap affidavits, required to be in specificity. doj, people claimed they didn't read them, lanny brewer and the rest. it's so manifest a lie, they need to be held to account. katie did a great job in her book laying this all out. >> thank you. see you soon. attorney general in the war on terror. the man tasked to helping to defend our country and if he thinks there is a war on terror at all. that coming up next. [ male announcer ] everyday thousands of people are choosing advil. here's one story. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the department tasked with helping to defend the homeland from terrorism, has at the helm a chair that is unable to do so. eric holder wanted to bring the terrorists back to new york? congress said no way. >> those responsible for september 11th will finally face justice. they will be brought to new york -- to new york -- to answer for alleged crimes in a courthouse blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. >> now, unfortunately, since i made that decision, members of congress have intervened. and imposed restrictions blocking the administration from bringing any guantanamo detainees to trial in the united states. regardless of the venue.
6:25 pm
>> all right, joining me now, former federal prosecutor and repetitive from american center of justice. allegedly. ksm would have had the rights of any american citizen? >> think of what that means. we're at war, not just rhetorical war. congress actually passed an authorization for the use of military force right after the 9/11 attacks. this guy basically a general in the enemy army, and we got the attorney general of the united states not only saying that we should treat him just like we treat a common criminal, but that he's allegedly involved in the 9/11 attack. >> unbelievable. jay. >> yeah, i mean, the idea that the chief prosecutor of the united states, the attorney general would use the phrase allegedly, the whole idea of bringing ksm to new york was ridiculous, treating it as a crime rather than an act of terror. the administration, when they
6:26 pm
want to use war powers, they do it. you don't get it both ways here. and i think what annie sady sai absolutely right to be attorney general, you have to be an attorney and a general and eric holder has failed that task in my opinion. >> if that happened, that would have given him a platform for what? this would have become a circus and he would get out his message, a show trial. >> yeah, and even more importantly, shawn. they would have insisted on representing themselves at gitmo, which would have said the judge would have to decide if we have to give them the national security information in discovery in a criminal case, has to happen under our due process rules. >> i can't believe this was becoming the reality of what they wanted, jay. >> but this is where the administration's head is at. i think, sean, they are still there.
6:27 pm
the american people reacted, as did congress. in their heart of hearts, eric holder would be much happier, and more content if we were trying these people in a civil courtroom in the united states. that's the position they advocate. giving ksm or any of these guys this kind of platform. due process would require turning over very sensitive information. the whole thing, absurd this is an administration, so determined to be different than the predecessor, that they would go to extremes, except when it was convenient for them. and we've seen that the past few weeks. >> i don't think it's over, by the way. i think they plan to bring these guys here and try them. remember, they brought osama bin laden's son-in-law here and whisked him into the country and he will be tried on the 9/11 attacks. and i think that was done in part to undermine the military commission and give these guys a claim that if this guy is getting the civilian due process for the 9/11 attacks, why
6:28 pm
shouldn't we get it? and that's an argument that will be attractive to a lot of judges. >> and let's juxtapose an eric holder on james rosen or the broader program of p.r.i.s.m., where literally all of this sweeping information collected on american citizens, don't seem insensitive to that. >> the most outrageous thing about the rosen thing, holder's explanation is more troubling than his explanation for giving congress incorrect information. >> oh, he lied. >> yes. he says, well, i lied because i had to tell the court that he was a suspect so that they would give me the authorization. well, congress pass thad statute, because are you not supposed to tell the court he is a suspect nlunless you decide t prosecute him. >> it doesn't make sense. he either lied to congress or the court. >> and he also said he was a flight risk. to get the third judge they went toto try to get this resolved.
6:29 pm
this is insane. calling james rosen a conspirator, this is part and parcel with how administration is running. it's not aging like a fine wine. it's getting worse. >> appreciate it. question, what do eric holdehold er have in common with chiquita bananas have in common? we'll tell you after the break. we'll continue. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
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. embattled attorney general has been controversial ever isn't appointed.
6:34 pm
but it isn't the first time. footage of some of the members actually building bombs. many convicted and sent to prison. but in 1999, president clinton commuted the sentence of 16 falm members, outraging the victims' families and law enforcement officers. >> the nypd is vehemently opposed to president clinton's offer of clemency to 16 convi convicted members of the falm. let's talk about the facts. the falm responsible for at least 150 bomb attacks over a nine-year pressureriod that res in seven deaths. >> who pushed for the pardon? eric holder. >> two united states attorneys weighed in against it. law enforcement against it. there were obviously the feelings that victims had. and we took those -- i took -- talking about me. i took those into account and balanced that against the people
6:35 pm
who were advocating for it. on balance, in a pre-9/11 world, that the sentences they had, substantial sentences, up to 19 years, 16, 19 years, that that was -- that was appropriate. >> now, in the clinton administration, holder went into private practice. controversies did not end there. his name surfaced related to an international scandal involving the chiquita banana company. >> the united states of america versus chiquita brands. from 1997 to 2004, they funneled 1$1.7 million in protection mony to the auc. on september 10, 2001, auc designated by the u.s. government as a foreign terrorist organization. chiquita claims they paid the protection money to keep
6:36 pm
employees safe from the paramilitary groups, but victims' families disagree. >> we believe this was active support to a terrorist organization, functioning as a security force for the chiquita company, that was doing the bidding of the chiquita company. they were instrumental in facilitating ak-47s and ammunition through it's private port in colombia. >> after seven years, chiquita admitted their wrongdoing and hired an i fluential man. eric holder. he was in private practice, and on march 19, 2007, withholder as lead council. c hinch quita pleaded guilty to
6:37 pm
engaging in transactions with a specially designated global terrorist organization. holder then brokered what some call a sweetheart deal in which chiquita only had to pay a $25 million fine over five years, yet not one of the half dozen company officials approved the payments would receive any jail time. and joining me now, joseph connor, his father frank was murdered in a falm bombing and gary bernstein, who spent more than 20 years as a cia officer. gentlemen, welcome. we have guys on video making bombs. they were involved in bombings, they killed your father, he said it's a substantial sentence of 16 to 19 years is that substantial to you? >> no. at sentencing they threatened to kill the judge. he forgot to mention that, or he would claim he didn't know. so this guy -- holder is making recommendations to release terrorists and then saying, he didn't really know that they were building bombs that he threatened to kill the judge.
6:38 pm
that they had engaged in violence and this is the same attorney general now who is willing to drone people without any trial. >> drone kill. >> drone kill people without any trial. terrorists locked up for 70, 80 years because of what they did in fair trials in civilian courts which you would want now, and he won't let them out. all politics. >> and you tried to stop it at the time. >> i did. in august 1999, the clintons, when it was quiet, granted these clemencies, but the falm didn't accept them. it went to 16 people and they said no. so they were given conference calls between prisons to decide whether they were going to accept the clemency. and it involved not associating with other felons and denying terrorism as a political tool. clemency is not a group grant, it's an individual grant, yet they were able to talk about it they weren't required to give up
6:39 pm
any information about unsolved cases or anything. 30 days, walked out of prison on september 10, 1999, two years to the day almost before 9/11. >> unbelievable. gary, how do we interpret this? who would ever advocate for this? >> here is the process. here is the problem. eric holder operates based on the premise that historical injustices in the united states, somehow validate the actions of terrorist groups in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s. and what he missed, the falm were marxist lennonists. murdering people. and eric holder rubbed shoulders with these guys, didn't see a problem with this. willing to represent them, just like president obama willing to forgive the weathermen and team up with bill ayers in politics in chicago. it is so disgracing -- disgraceful. it's heart breaking to think the
6:40 pm
lead law enforcement officer in this country would conduct himself like that, support the pardon to mark rich, would have a cast of characters in the department of justice that he's brought in that have supported gitmo detainees, all down there working for them pro bono. i mean, it's almost like the world has been turned on its head. this is the person leading the department of justice? stunning. >> it's hard to imagine eric got into power. how did this happen? >> he's always done exactly what his superiors have wanted him to do. in 2008, before obama was elected and i was on the show, why would he do this? number one, bill wanted him to do it, bill clinton to get hillary votes in new york. and second at the time i think he agreed with him. we think of the politics sometimes, but we sometimes forget what people really have in their heart. i think he sided with the terrorists. the falm and the weather underground, may 19th communists, they all were
6:41 pm
together. connections between all of them, and it's part of their dna. >> unbelievable. >> marxist, lennonist killers, sean. that he helped out. >> that we set free. i testified against him at his confirmation hearing. he played russian roulette with the american people. did it again in fast and furious. >> well said. thank you. two members of the new black panther party caught on tape intimidating voters with weapons, but under eric holder's watch, the justice department inexplicably dropped the charges against those accused. we'll explain and examine, next. ♪
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on the very day barack obama
6:46 pm
first elected and eric holder took a giant leap closer to becoming attorney general. there were reports that members of the black panthers were intimidating voters at a philadelphia voting place. >> people come to vote, and they come to vote in a peaceful atmosphere. they don't come and taking cameras and microphones putting them in their face. >> reporter: do they come to vote with somebody with a night stick out front? >> nobody here has a night stick, and i don't know what you were talking about. >> reporter: there was a person with a night stick. we have video of it. >> i am not talking about what was, i am talking about is. >> a man escorted away by police after people complained he was intimidating potential voters. they remember charged with voter in tim addition and guess what? they were never prosecuted.
6:47 pm
and voting section of the department of justice and resigned over the handling of the case. he wrote a book "injustice," exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department. >> thank you, sean. >> had you people in uniform, military guard with batons outside a voting place is that allowed? >> of course not. it shouldn't be allowed no matter who is doing it. but under this administration, when we brought the case in january of 2009, just before the inauguration, it was dismissed, and america got an early taste of the lawlessness and dishonesty that they have come to expect from the obama administration when they dismissed that case many. >> looking at the video now. there they are, in military garb with bauton. what was the reason they didn't
6:48 pm
go after them? >> they said the facts and the law didn't support it. but let me tell you the truth. in the justice department, they said it's a fox news concocted story, nothing to see here. a difference in philosophy. some people, including the attorney general, want to give a pass to certain people because of who they are, rather than what they do. that sort of lawlessness has become the name of the game in the justice department. >> in this case, isn't the new black panther party one of the most radical and militant groups out there? why would they defend them? >> radical, anti semitic. >> right. >> full of hatred. the reason they would defend them, the reason quit my job at doj and testified under oath. there is a hostility within this justice department, particularly in the civil rights department, for enforcing the law equally. if defendants are black, we give them a pass and that has
6:49 pm
happened over and over and over again. and, as a matter of fact, an inspector general report came out that validated everything i testified about years ago. >> what would have happened if the group was a group of white men dressed similarly with batons, intimidating voters? would something have happened? >> absolutely and it should have. when you go to vote, you don't expect to confront armed men hurling racial slurs against people based on race. outramous conduct by the attorney general. >> didn't the attorney general refer to us as a country as racial cowards. >> a nation of coward because we don't talk about race. and as soon as you talk about race and why he dismissed the black panther case, it's suddenly time to shut up. >> thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, sean. coming up, we'll examine
6:50 pm
some controversial comment on race, including statements like this one. >> this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and i believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards. ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone has the ability to do something amazing. ♪ some just do it, on a more regular basis. ♪ ♪ in dealerships everywhere. in theaters, june 14th. in dealerships everywhere. there is a pursuit we all share. a better life for your family, a bettess, a better legacy to leave the world. we have always believed in this pursuit,
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welcome back to "hannity." eric holder not shy about using racially charged rhetoric. at a keynote he gave in 2009, he made waves with these comments. >> though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot. in things racial, we have always been, and i believe we continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. though race-related issues continue to occupy a significant
6:55 pm
portion of our political discussion and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average americans, don't talk with each other enough about things racial. >> and there was his condemnation of arizona's very tough immigration laws. >> i think that law is an unfortunate one. i think that it is -- i fear subject to potential abuse. >> arizona, what is specifically wrong with the anti immigrant law that has been passed there? >> the concern i have about the law that they have passed it has the possibility of leading to racial profiling. are are do you think the arizona immigration law is racist? >> i don't think it's necessarily a good idea. >> now, keep in mind, all those comments came before this exchange. >> have you read the arizona law? >> i have not had a chance -- i've glanced at it, not read it. >> it's ten pages, a lot shorter than the health care bill, which was 2,000 pages long. i'll give you my copy of it, if
6:56 pm
you would like to have a copy. even though you haven't read the law, do you have an opinion as to whether it's constitutional? >> i have not been briefed yet. >> pretty strong opinions on something he hasn't even bathered to read. >> joining me now. david webb and fox news contributor danine berelli. >> didn't bother to read it and made some interesting comments about it, didn't he? listen, eric holder is a radical activist and instead of defending our constitution, he attacks it. from fast and furious, to not prosecuting new black panther party in voter fraud, he needs to go and needs to go. >> he talked about the warren court, not radical enough of the
6:57 pm
this is the eric holder meme. he believes in this and now in a position to use the nation's laws to enforcuse redistributet justice. is he supposed to uphold the laws of the constitution, not the goals of the administration. >> if he would uphold the laws of the lands, yez would not have needed that law on their own, they took the language from federal law. what is your reaction to the comment we are a nation of racial cowards? >> he's the coward. he hid behind president obama's executive privilege. would not turn over documents to congress, wouldn't cooperate. what is he trying to hide? hiding truth from the american
6:58 pm
people. brian terry's family doesn't have answers. nobody is held accountable. it's outrageous. >> it does raise questions. but first i want your reaction to the racial coward comment. >> racism is a tool to achieve an en. they use race to tell people, you are relegated to this. to tell hispanics, to tell women. it's designed to put everyone where they need to be to further their agenda. so that's even more disingenuous, they are not even tackling racism. it's actually just a way to control people. and that's racism. power and control. >> what's really sad about that, no one held accountable when they scream racism and race card. it happens all the time. you're right. we need to push back on individuals and hold them accountable. call them out on it. >>i itit it's interesting.
6:59 pm
he gets caught making all these comments. if john ashcroft was caught making these comments what would happen? >> john ashcroft -- >> it would be moved. the left media all up in arms. the story would not end. drum beat would continue. here is holder and frankly this is where congress has to come back. time for congress to act. he has been caught lying to congress. >> twice. >> twice. >> and held in contempt already once. what does that say to the rest of the federal judge system, to the other judges and state attorney generals, that the torch law enforcement officer doesn't found he has to be bound by the law and his duties. >> and not only that even every-day american citizens. we uphold the law. >> we react with the legal system on a daily basis. is the attorney general not bound by the very laws we are
7:00 pm
forced to li by? >> guys, appreciate you being with us. all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. news continues. we'll see you back soon. thank you for being with us. have yyou have got a washin d.c. riddled in scandal. >> every scandal, stonewalled, refused to tell the truth. refused to cooperate. >> some of the hottest, most intense stories in the public there are. this is a pattern. there comes a point when you string it all together, what do these people know? and equally concerning, how can they not know? >> three very real scandals, benghazi, the irs, and the ap issue. clouding the public's trust on national security. >> 58%


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